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The Neora Valley National Park (NVNP) is located in the civil district Darjeeling, of the East Indian state of West Bengal. It was established in the year 1986 and covers an area of 88 square kilometers, which though seems small, varies highly in topography. Trekking along the jungle trails, taking long nature walks, car riding and jungle camping in the Darjeeling Hills and the Kampong Hills, is the favorite past times of the tourists visiting this place. The altitude of the Park ranges from 1800 meters to3230 meters, being the highest at Rachela Danda. The elegant Red Panda is the show stopper of NVNP forests. This endangered and unique panda is a bamboo feeder. Hence, they can be found under the bamboo groves of Neora forests. There are 31 mammal species in the forests including clouded leopard, musk deer, civet, black bear, sloth bear, golden cat, wild boar, leopard cat, goral, serow, barking deer, sambar, NVNP is a birder’s paradise, as it houses 258 species of birds and comes under the Endemic Bird Area. Large-bodied birds are found in the area such as rufous throated partridge, satyr tragopan, crimson-breasted woodpecker, golden-throated barbet, black-lored tit parus, rusty throated wren babbler etc.

The attractions within the valley are Tiffin Dara, the Red Panda camp and theChangey Falls,NVNP is one of the last remaining ecosystems of the Eastern part of the Himalayan Mountainous range.

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